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Smania is a manufacturing passion, a creative spirit and a high-end tailor's shop that transforms every day into a work of art and an icon of craftsmanship. Since 1967, Smania has brought elegance, style and perfection Made in Italy to homes all over the world. The craft culture is expressed through attention to detail, tangible evidence of a quality thought and rooted. The result is a piece of furniture with a bold beauty that tells of an inexhaustible passion and a know-how conquered over time.

The Smania brand is the leader of high-end furnishings. You can find all the best Smania furnishing items on Dopa Interiors. Search for the furniture item of your dreams and request a furnishing advice, our experts are at your disposal to customize your home.

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ADEL Small table - Smania

ADEL by Smania is a ceramic side table, with glossy finish, available in 2 dimensions.
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ADRIANO Table - Smania

ADRIANO Table by Smania is a wooden round high table.
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ARGO Bedside table - Smania

ARGO Bedside table by Smania leather and wooden round nightstand.
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ASTERCONO Console - Smania

ASTERCONO by Smania is a wood console with metal details.
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BOTTICELLI Chest of drawers - Smania

BOTTICELLI Chest of drawers by Smania is a dresser with 4 drawers and metal details.
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BOTTICELLI Bedside table - Smania

BOTTICELLI by Smania is a nightstand with 2 drawers and metal details.
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CHESTER Sideboard - Smania

CHESTER by Smania is a wooden sideboard, made of two open compartments with shelves, central compartment with shutter and shelf, and steel details.
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COLORADO Chest of drawers - Smania

COLORADO by Smania chest of drawers in wengè or grey ashwood.
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COLORADO Bedside table - Smania

COLORADO by Smania is a bedside table with 2 drawers.
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COOPER Table - Smania

COOPER Table by Smania stands out among the other dining tables for its design. Thanks to the craftsmanship of the artisans of Smania, this table is pure visual choreography.
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DAISY Chair - Smania

DAISY Chair by Smania with stained beech wood structure, fixed padded seating and backrest.
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DELANO Wall lamp - Smania

DELANO by Smania is a brushed burnished steel applique with smoked glass diffusor.
The lamp will be provided in accordance with the power requirements and cabling standards in force in the country of shipping.
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EBERLOW Bed - Smania

EBERLOW by Smania is perfect for the classic bedroom furnishingthat contemplates modern style and the traditional shapes enhance the refined materials selected: leather and wood.
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ECLECTIC 5 Console - Smania

ECLECTIC 5 Console by Smania wood console with 2 drawers and internal lighting system.
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ERMETE Chest of drawers - Smania

ERMETE by Smania is a wooden dresser, leather sides, 5 drawers, brushed stainless steel details.
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GALLIANO Console - Smania

GALLIANO by Smania is a wood console table with brushed stainless steel details.
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GALLIANO Table - Smania

GALLIANO by Smania is a wooden round high table, brushed bronzed details.
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GISELLE Low table - Smania

GISELLE by Smania is a low table proposed in two sizes and several elegant and fine finishes.
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