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Small tables

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452 LA ROTONDA Low table

Round table designed by Mario Bellini in 1976.
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530 GUERIDON J.M. Low table

Stackable low table in saddle-leather.
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ALANDA '18 Small table

A highly successful classic and sought-after vintage furnishing complements, Alanda is one of the most typical design objects of a period with a wealth of strong, daring stylistic signs, often in a dialogue with architecture, reproducing its most attractive, characteristic elements in miniature.
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ATLAS Low Table

Low table with hand sculptured glass legs, designed by Danny Lane.
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ATTILA Low table / Stool

Stools and tables which are cute and humorous but with one eye on functionality, thought up to furnish every setting imaginable.
€ 191,00

AWA Small table

Elegantly asymmetrical table designed to be placed next to the sofa or the bed. The plastic shape exploits the properties of Cristalplant ®, a refined and sensual material with a soft touch surface that is also strong and extremely practical.
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Versatile table or work desk.
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BEND Small table

Bend, a longitudinal coffee table comprising a single slab of painted metal in a variety of colours supporting a solid wood table top. The contrast with the slim metal sheet generates a dynamic and at the same time simple effect.
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BIDU Low table

Solid cedar legs, disc-shaped, black-stained aniline.
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BIRD Coffee table

A sinuous shape, at the same time simple yet abstract, the piece is inspired by the silhouette of a bird, a recurring theme in Wirkkala’s work as a sculptor and designer, along with shells, ice and leaves.
€ 6.400,00

BOB Small table

Elegant and practical. Highly desirable blends of wood, leather and steel. Beautiful simplicity inspired by a Kennedy-style international way of life.
€ 824,00

BOB Small table Ø 45/60


Elegant and practical. Highly desirable blends of wood, leather and steel. Beautiful simplicity inspired by a Kennedy-style international way of life.

The images illustrate various types of model finishing and do not necessarily represent the available layout. The details of the specific configuration are shown below.

Possible price variations with respect to the base model are due to the specific configuration of the Product.
€ 770,00

BOITE Low table

Double–panneled fir and poplar frame with Murano antiqued mirror and leather piping. Feet in shaped and bended sheet metal 4 mm thickness or base in wood with leather upholstery. Visible antiquated and forged metal, wax finish.
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BOLLA Small table / Ottoman

Bolla small table/ottoman designed by Michael Sodeau for Gervasoni, available in different sizes and colors.
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BONG Low table

The bong table is not only a functional indoor/outdoor object of timeless proportions, but also a conversation piece.
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BRICK Small table / Stool

Natural barked hornbeam trunk section.
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A veritable icon made by Kartell, the mass-tinted polypropylene Bubble Club sofa was a pioneer of a new concept in furniture accessories: the industrial sofa made entirely of plastic.
€ 110,00

CAIRO Low table

The charm of this coffee table comes from agile and simple lines, from full shapes and from brilliance, all factors that give exclusivity to the environment where the table will be placed.
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