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139 COTONE LEGNO Chair - Cassina

139 COTONE LEGNO chair by Cassina is part of the Cotone family, that has acquired new members to go with its upholstered armchair that was launched in 2017. These are a slim version of the same, called, not surprisingly, Cotone Slim, as well as a table and chair, the latter having a solid wood seat and back. This chair is produced, using advanced CNC machinery, in Cassina’s carpentry workshop in Meda, in the Brianza area north of Milan.
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279 BEUGEL Chair - Cassina

279 BEUGEL Sedia by Cassina produced in collaboration with Rietveld’s heirs, the Beugel chair was originally created by the Dutch architect in 1927. The chair is made of three elements: two identical looped steel frames that provide support for the seat.
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280 ZIG ZAG Chair - Cassina

280 ZIG ZAG Chair by Cassina sees the normal legs-seatback sequence replaced by a single sheet of wood in an overturned Z shape.
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292 HILL HOUSE 1 Chair - Cassina

292 HILL HOUSE 1 Chair by Cassina is a chair combines figurative and symbolic ideals with a linear geometry, no doubt inspired by the abstract graphics of Japanese design.
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298 (UNICREDIT PAVILION PROJECT) Chair by Cassina is a folding chair designed by Michele De Lucchi.
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367 HOLA Chair - Cassina

367 HOLA Chair by Cassina is a chair with arms, designed by Hannes Wettstein for Cassina.
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369 HOLA Chair - Cassina

369 HOLA Chair by Cassina is a chair without arms, designed by Hannes Wettstein for Cassina.
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412 CAB Chair - Cassina

412 CAB Chair by Cassina, designed by Mario Bellini, is part of the collection at the MoMA in New York and remains one of Cassina’s bestsellers.
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422 BULL Chair - Cassina

422 BULL Chair by Cassina is a chair designed by Mario Bellini with leather upholstery.
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471 PILOTTA Chair - Cassina

471 PILOTTA Chair by Cassina is a chair designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, with seat shell in leather.
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501 GÖTEBORG 1 Chair - Cassina

501 GÖTEBORG 1 Chair by Cassina is a chair designed by Erik Gunnar Asplund with leather or fabric upholstery.
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517 OMBRA TOKYO Chair - Cassina

517 OMBRA TOKYO Chair by Cassina designed in Japan in 1954 for the Synthèse des Arts exhibition this light stackable chair pays tribute to the traditional Japanese art of Origami with its delicate proportions and carefully conceived design: like a piece of paper takes shape with every fold.
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560 BACK-WING Chair - Cassina

560 BACK-WING Chair by Cassina, designed by Patricia Urquiola. The furniture-making skills known as MedaMade, a trade mark patented by Cassina, is made manifest in a new chair that, leaving classical stereotypes behind, sparks off powerful new idioms. The frame, in solid ashwood, consists of basic big, bold legs and cross-pieces with a solid and energetic look.
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601 ROBIE 1 Chair - Cassina

601 ROBIE 1 Chair by Cassina is a chair with high back designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908 for the Robie House (Chicago, IL), this chair was re-edited by Cassina in 1986.
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614 COONLEY 2 Chair - Cassina

614 COONLEY 2 by Cassina is a chair with high backrest, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
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635 BLACK RED AND BLUE (ZEILMAKER VERSION) Chair by Cassina born from Rietveld’s chromatic experimentation, is one of the versions of the iconic model dated 1918.
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699 SUPERLEGGERA Chair - Cassina

699 SUPERLEGGERA Chair by Cassina came to represent modernity in Italian design: with its new design standing as a model for Italy’s new industry. Superleggera was a “first” in terms of its design in that it stood for a moment of great transformation made possible by real collaboration between the designer and skilled manufacturers.
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905 Chair - Cassina

Produced by Cassina until 2000, this chair has now been relaunched, the finishes and details having been updated from the original archive model.
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