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288 SLED Low table - Cassina

288 SLED Low table by Cassina is a low table designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, available in mat white Carrara marble or mat black Marquiña marble.
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452 LA ROTONDA Low table - Cassina

452 LA ROTONDA Low table by Cassina is a round table designed by Mario Bellini in 1976.
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515 PLANA Low table - Cassina

515 PLANA Low table by Cassina designed for the Paris Japanese Embassy in 1969 this coffee table is a triumph of technological and formal synthesis.
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520 ACCORDO Low table - Cassina

520 ACCORDO Low table by Cassina is a low table, with its sculpted and visibly dynamic form, was designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1985 on occasion of a retrospective dedicated to her at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Cassina re-released it in 2009, only producing it in the black lacquered wood finish.
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529 RIO Low table - Cassina

529 RIO Low table by Cassina designed by Charlotte Perriand in two diff erent sizes. Cassina, in its authentic approach to the reissue of the original models, has recreated the original design of 1962, conceived for Jacques Martin’s home in Rio.
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713/714 Table - Cassina

713/714 by Cassina are tables designed by Theodore Waddell, available in two different sizes, with structure in polished chromium plated steel.
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780/783 Low table - Cassina

780/780 by Cassina is a set of four stacking low tables, designed by Gianfranco Frattini.
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ADEL Small table - Smania

ADEL by Smania is a ceramic side table, with glossy finish, available in 2 dimensions.
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ATTILA Low table / Stool - Kartell

ATTILA Low table / Stool by Kartell. Stools and tables which are cute and humorous but with one eye on functionality, thought up to furnish every setting imaginable.
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BIDU Low table - Baxter

BIDU Low table by Baxter is a solid cedar legs, disc-shaped, black-stained aniline.
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BUBBLE CLUB Low table - Kartell

BUBBLE CLUB Low table by Kartell. A veritable icon made by Kartell, the mass-tinted polypropylene Bubble Club sofa was a pioneer of a new concept in furniture accessories: the industrial sofa made entirely of plastic.
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CAIRO Low table - Baxter

Cairo low table is an element produced by Baxter company, a leader manufacturer in the field of Made in Italy furniture. The charm of this coffee table comes from agile and simple lines, from full shapes and from brilliance, all factors that give exclusivity to the environment where the table will be placed.
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CESTLAVIE Small table with storage - Poltrona Frau

CESTLAVIE by Poltrona Frau is a storage "basket", but also a small table. The central part of the top, covered in Pelle Frau® leather, can be opened to access the inside while, at the same time, providing a handy support surface.
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CUCÙ Side table - Porada

CUCÙ Side table by Porada is a side table designed by Tarcisio Colzani with removable tray.
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DIGITABLE Low table - B&B Italia

DIGITABLE Low table by B&B Italia. An openwork design obtained by water cutting. The sheet steel multipurpose small tables can “slide” on the floor when moved and can be partly superimposed to sofa seats or bed mattresses.
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DJUNA Table - Cassina

DJUNA Table by Cassina is a low table with chromed structure and top available in different finishing, designed by Kazuhide Takahama.
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DR. NA Bar table - Kartell

DR. NA Bar table by Kartell. The Dr. NO small armchair is a Kartell classic, known for its perfect combination of functionality and beauty.
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FAT-FAT OUTDOOR Small table - B&B Italia

FAT-FAT OUTDOOR Small table by B&B Italia: Clear oriental inspiration for the collection of tables with tray, designed for casual multipurpose environments.
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