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Payment methods

Payment must be made only in a single solution at the time of order, in one of the currencies chosen from those available on the Website.

If payment is not received within 5 days from the order, Dopa Interiors will have to consider the order as cancelled. The effective order taking charge will take place only after the due amount has been credited to the Dopa Interiors account.

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Site registration and all purchase phases are protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate.

PayPal & Credit card

We have chosen PayPal as a platform for electronic payments to provide flexibility and security.
You can use your PayPal account or, without signing up, use one of the PayPal managed credit cards.


PayPal protects credit card payments and guarantees them with technology and coding systems – more security details.


In case of payment through the standard PayPal mode, at the end of the order you will be directed to the PayPal login page to proceed with payment.




Bank transfer

The transfer must be to: Dopa Interiors S.r.l.

IBAN: IT22F0578704001035570217150
BIC / SWIFT: APULIT3S ( APULIT3SXXX if 11 characters are required )


The description of the bank transfer must include the number and date of the order, that are issued in the order confirmation email, and the Customer's name.


In order to speed up operations, we recommend you to send a receipt, inclusive of the Bank Reference Code, which uniquely identifies the bank transaction, by email to:


Taxes and duties
Please remember that international deliveries outside the European Union do NOT include customs & clearance fees, duties & taxes, and any other local tax.
Dopa Interiors S.r.l. can offer, on request, for some countries, a free service of taxes and duties estimate. Dopa Interiors points out that it is only an estimate. The official source remains your local Customs Office.
Our courier offers advance payment of taxes and duties on behalf of the Customer. Amounts due by the Customer must be paid to the courier.
In no case Dopa Interiors S.r.l. is liable for taxes and/or duties reimbursements.