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Craftsmanship and design culture are the values ​​on which Minacciolo's production has always been based. The company was founded in 1974 with the idea of ​​industrializing the production of country furniture, in Ampezzo-Tyrolean style, very popular in that period. The soul of Minacciolo is represented by the "English Mood" collection, which with its delicate and refined lines, has been able to give the country furniture a chic dimension and therefore a renewed personality and a new furnishing horizon. From the original vocation referring only to the countryside, in fact, the "country chic" proposal by Minacciolo is now also open to the urban dimension. English Mood offers a complete "home program", suitable for reinterpreting any environment with unprecedented elegance and stylistic coherence: from the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

The Minacciolo brand is a leader in high-end furnishings. You can find all the best Minacciolo furniture items on Dopa Interiors. Search for the furniture item of your dreams and request a furnishing advice, our experts are at your disposal to customize your home.

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ENGLISH MOOD: FIRENZE Kitchen - Minacciolo

Elegant, following tradition.
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MINA' Kitchen - Minacciolo

Minà: a real cooking “machine”.
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