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081 RÉACTION POÉTIQUE Small Table - Cassina

This collection of objects by Cassina, inspired by the pictorial works of Le Corbusier and designed by Jaime Hayon, now comes in a wider range of finishes.
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086 BALENO Shelf - Cassina

086 BALENO Shelf by Cassina is a shelf with an original, graphical form that decorates the wall, created by the two french designers Bouroullec.
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530 GUERIDON J.M. Low table - Cassina

530 GUERIDON J.M. Low table by Cassina is a stackable low table in saddle-leather.
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834 CICOGNINO Small table - Cassina

834 CICOGNINO Small table by Cassina is a small table designed by Franco Albini, with frame and top in American walnut or natural ashwood or ashwood stained black.
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840 STADERA Writing desk - Cassina

840 STADERA Writing desk by Cassina first created for the Marcenaro home in Genoa. This desk has a single leg and works on the balance created by the inequality of the arms, much like the “Stadera”, or pendulum scales, to which it owes its name.
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AQUILONE Mirror - Cantori

AQUILONE by Cantori is a classic mirror with metal frame.
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ATTILA Low table / Stool - Kartell

ATTILA Low table / Stool by Kartell. Stools and tables which are cute and humorous but with one eye on functionality, thought up to furnish every setting imaginable.
€ 215,00

BABEL Drinks cabinet - Poltrona Frau

BABEL Drinks cabinet by Poltrona Frau is a compact home bar unit comprising three cupboards in two different sizes.
€ 4.880,00

BATTISTA Folding trolley - Kartell

BATTISTA Folding trolley by Kartell. Besides being a practical trolley with a striking combination of plastic and metal components, Battista is an all-out extensible and folding table, ideal for buffets and aperitifs or as a small single table.
€ 758,00

BONG Low table - Cappellini

BONG Low table by Cappellini is not only a functional indoor/outdoor object of timeless proportions, but also a conversation piece.
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BOOKWORM Bookshelf - Kartell

BOOKWORM Bookshelf by Kartell. An artist's creativity combined with a great company’s technology results in to a bookcase design of industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the world’s most daring and revolutionary: Bookworm, the flexible bookshelf.
€ 271,00

BRICK Small table / Stool - Gervasoni

BRICK Small table / Stool by Gervasoni is a natural barked hornbeam trunk section.
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CELL Small table / Bookcase - Porada

CELL Small table / Bookcase by Porada. Bookcase or side table designed by Marelli & Molteni in solid canaletta walnut.
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COMPONIBILI LA DOUBLE J. Container - Kartell

COMPONIBILI LA DOUBLE J. Container by Kartell. The historical version of the Componibili, dresses with new design prints and vintage rarities, thanks to LaDoubleJ. of J.J. Martin.
€ 143,00

COMPONIBILI Container - Kartell

COMPONIBILI Container by Kartell. Modular elements were designed to meet various needs and to fit into any room in your home: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room.
€ 71,00

COMPONIBILI SMILE Container - Kartell

COMPONIBILI SMILE Container by Kartell. The timeless classic acquires a playful new interpretation that fits perfectly into children’s spaces.
€ 88,00

CORALLO Coat hanger - Gervasoni

Coat hanger in natural melange rattan core, desigend by Michael Sodeau for Gervasoni, available in different colors.
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DIGITABLE Low table - B&B Italia

DIGITABLE Low table by B&B Italia. An openwork design obtained by water cutting. The sheet steel multipurpose small tables can “slide” on the floor when moved and can be partly superimposed to sofa seats or bed mattresses.
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