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Cappellini was founded in 1946 as a craft company that, over the years, develops different and very heterogeneous collections but all share a refined simplicity, which leaves ample room for personal interpretation. Cappellini is a company characterized by the production of balanced and refined objects that arise from careful research and experimentation. Cappellini collections not only include highly iconic products, many of which are present in some of the world's most famous museums, from the MOMA in New York to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, but also offer items that are more suited to everyday use.

The Cappellini brand is a leader in high-end furnishings. You can find all the best Cappellini furniture items on Dopa Interiors. Search for the furniture item of your dreams and request a furnishing advice, our experts are at your disposal to customize your home.

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ACCIAIO LOUNGE Armchair - Cappellini

ACCIAIO LOUNGE Armchair by Cappellini is inspired by the classic steel racing bicycle.
€ 2.471,00

ALODIA Stool - Cappellini

ALODIA Stool by Cappellini is a stackable stool available in two sizes, made in matt lacquered metal.
€ 242,00

BAMBI Table - Cappellini

BAMBI Table by Cappellini is a versatile table or work desk.
€ 1.972,00


BIG BREAK CONFERENCE by Cappellini is a table designed by Giulio Cappellini, with base in stainless steel and top available in different finishing.
€ 1.908,00

BONG Low table - Cappellini

BONG Low table by Cappellini is not only a functional indoor/outdoor object of timeless proportions, but also a conversation piece.
€ 599,00

BOOKSHELF Bookcase - Cappellini

BOOKSHELF Bookcase by Cappellini two-handed bookcase, Italian brand icon, designed in 1970 by Shiro Kuramata, one of the first designer to collaborate with Cappellini.
€ 7.860,00

CLOUD Bookcase - Cappellini

CLOUD Bookcase by Cappellini is a modular double-faced bookcase.
€ 563,00

CONSOLE WITH BOWL Console - Cappellini

CONSOLE WITH BOWL Console by Cappellini is a console in white Corian ® with flower box and tray
€ 10.856,00

CONSOLE WITH MIRROR Console - Cappellini

CONSOLE WITH MIRROR Console by Cappellini is a console in white Corian® with mirror.
€ 9.543,00

DROP Bookcase - Cappellini

DROP Bookcase by Cappellini is a bookshelves opened on both sides in three different heights.
€ 865,00

EMBROIDERY CHAIR Chairs - Cappellini

EMBROIDERY CHAIR Chairs by Cappellini are these four chairs with ash wood body and backrests with cross-stitch embroidery on tapestry wool depict painterly landscape scenes drawn from the essence of the four seasons.
€ 5.842,00

EMBROIDERY TIGER Small armchair - Cappellini

The whole aesthetic energy of a feline leap for "EMBROIDERY TIGER by Cappellini", the new version of the swivel chair, designed by Johan Lindstén.
€ 2.040,00

EMBRYO CHAIR Small armchair - Cappellini

EMBRYO CHAIR Small armchair by Cappellini is a small armchair designed by Marc Newson for Cappellini. The Embryo was Marc’s most technologically advanced project to date, making use of injection molded polyurethane foam over an internal steel frame, covered with bi-elastic fixed fabric.
€ 2.759,00

FELT CHAIR Chair - Cappellini

FELT CHAIR Chair by Cappellini is an armchair with reinforced fiberglass body, back leg in polished natural aluminum.
€ 2.329,00

FRAC Small armchair - Cappellini

FRAC by Cappellini is a small armchair entirely produced in plastic with rotational technique, available in different colors in linear polyethylene and suitable for both outdoor and indoor.
€ 361,00

HANGMAN Clothes hanger - Cappellini

HANGMAN Clothes hanger by Cappellini is a clothes hanger in satin stainless steel designed by Marc Newson.
€ 933,00

HOMAGE TO MONDRIAN Sideboard - Cappellini

HOMAGE TO MONDRIAN Sideboard by Cappellini are cabinets with doors and drawers inspired by the most graphic masterpieces of Piet Mondrian.
€ 7.736,00

ISLAND TABLE Small table - Cappellini

ISLAND TABLE by Cappellini are small tables of different dimension and height, constructed of laser-cut metal plates and folded up.
€ 558,00