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114 NUVOLA ROSSA Bookcase - Cassina

114 NUVOLA ROSSA by CassinaA foldable bookcase which, according to Magistretti’s modus operandi, sprang from an analysis and reinterpretation a product type and the sum of its parts, the sides and shelves.
$ 3520.00

518 PLURIMA Bookcase - Cassina

518 PLURIMA Bookcase by Cassina is a bookcase designed by Charlotte Perriand, available in two different heights.
$ 6836.00

838 VELIERO Bookcase - Cassina

838 VELIERO Libreria by Cassina, recalls the stays of a sailing boat in its shape and structure.
$ 31527.00

AETERNA DAY Modular system - L'Origine

AETERNA DAY Modular system by L'Origine is a modular system based on the concept of the containment boiserie.
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AIRPORT Bookshelf - Cattelan Italia

AIRPORT by Cattelan Italia is a modular bookcase by Giorgio Cattelan, made of metal pillars and wooden shelves, available in different finishes.
$ 1886.00

ALBERO Bookcase - Cantori

ALBERO by Cantori is an iron design bookcase with wooden shelves, available in two dimensions.
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ALBERO Bookcase - Poltrona Frau

ALBERO Libreria by Poltrona Frau. Conceived in the late 1950s as a floor-to-ceiling free-standing bookcase, "Albero" was designed for use in interior settings rather than for serial production.
$ 13229.00

APRIL, MAY, JUNE Bookcase - Bonaldo

APRIL, MAY, JUNE Bookcase by Bonaldo. A new concept of an object within an object, a range of shelving units with a strong personality. Not just a bookcase, but an object that lends itself to personal usage interpretations.
$ 800.00

BIBLO Bookcase - Porada

BIBLO by Porada is a bookcase desigend by Tarcisio Colzani.
$ 7375.00

BOOKSHELF Bookcase - Cappellini

BOOKSHELF Bookcase by Cappellini two-handed bookcase, Italian brand icon, designed in 1970 by Shiro Kuramata, one of the first designer to collaborate with Cappellini.
$ 12237.00

BOOKWORM Bookshelf - Kartell

BOOKWORM Bookshelf by Kartell. An artist's creativity combined with a great company’s technology results in to a bookcase design of industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the world’s most daring and revolutionary: Bookworm, the flexible bookshelf.
$ 422.00

CELL Small table / Bookcase - Porada

CELL Small table / Bookcase by Porada. Bookcase or side table designed by Marelli & Molteni in solid canaletta walnut.
$ 792.00

CLOUD Bookcase - Cappellini

CLOUD Bookcase by Cappellini is a modular double-faced bookcase.
$ 876.00

DIADEMA Bookcase - Cantori

DIADEMA by Cantori is an iron design bookcase, available in three dimensions and various finishing.
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DNA Bookcase - Cattelan Italia

DNA by Cattelan Italia, bookcase in painted steel.
$ 760.00

DROP Bookcase - Cappellini

DROP Bookcase by Cappellini is a bookshelves opened on both sides in three different heights.
$ 1346.00

DROP Bookcase - Cattelan Italia

DROP by Cattelan Italia is a wall bookcase/wine rack in lacquered steel or in polished stainless steel.
$ 1251.00

ESTORIL Bookcase - Cattelan Italia

Bookcase by Cattelan Italia designed by Gino Carollo, available in three different colours.
$ 1351.00