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About us

After more than 40 years of experience in furnishing of the best Made in Italy brands, architects, engineers and designers of our team, led by solid entrepreneurial support and passion for beautiful and Italian Style, have given birth to Dopa Interiors S.r.l.




Dopa Interiors offers the best of true Made in Italy, with full assurance of reliability and quality.



Some of our Brands are:



And more:


Arketipo, Arkeos, Arredo3, Benedetti, Binova, Bolzan Letti, Bonaldo, Bontempi, Cadore, Calligaris, Cantori, Cattelan Italia, Ceccotti, Colombini, Creo Kitchens, Dialma Brown, Doimo Camerette, Dolfi, Dorelan, Ego, elite TO BE, Ferretti e Falchi, Fiam, Flai, Gervasoni, Ghilba, Golden Night, Grance, Granzotto, Jesse, Kastel, La Falegnami, Las, L'Origine, Marchi, Martex, Mazzali, Mecflex, Minacciolo, Misura Emme, Musa Italia, Nemo, Nicoletti, Noctis, Penta, Pianca, Pianca, Porada, Presotto, Reflex, Salaiolo, San Giacomo, Scandola, Silvano Grifoni, Smania, Snaidero, Target, Tempour, Tommasella, Tonin, Trec Salotti, Tumidei, Twils, Vittorio Grifoni, Zanaboni.


Dopa Interiors wants to offer you your personal online space so that you can choose the best for your way of being, for any need of quality furnishing and authentic Made in Italy. For each product we propose all the possible configurations to allow you to customize your purchase and make it unique.

In addition, our architects and designers will be mindful of making tailor-made products for your environments and developing specific modular solutions with ad hoc estimates.



Dopa Interiors: Your true Made in Italy world.

Dopa Interiors S.r.l.


Via Don Guanella 15/G, 70124 Bari (BA)
Tel.: +39 080 8500085
Fax: +39 080 8693600


Via Monte Napoleone 8, 20121 Milano (MI)
Tel.: +39 02 36102200
Fax: +39 02 36102201


P.IVA IT08004690726
REA BA - 597867